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Author Steve: KamiSeya, Karuizawa, Kyoto, Himeji, Yabagun-Yoka Train Trips 7 min

Steve Weber (TsephanYah) lived in Kami Seya, Tsuruma near Yokohama from 1967 to 1969.  He traveled by bike and train as far South as Himeji, way into the mountains by Intermountain express; Kofu; normally he travelled to Karuizawa, Nagano perfecture.  "Here are memories of Japan!". Search #Japan Karuizawa.

“I have many happy memories of eating, hiking to Mount Asama (Asama Yama) and Onioshidashi, Minenochea, staying at Hoshino spa (Onsen), with foreigners to Kusatsu and Manza in the summer by car and bus, with friends and strangers.

“We celebrated winter at Hoshino Onsen with ice skating, icicles, 
All enjoyed Hakone National Park touring and lodging at Kagetsuen many times.
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We went to the Japanese Alps way up to Tendu Ryoko the little town on the river.  Maybe it was North of Kofu near Iida .  All of us American boys had a lot of clean fun.  We loved Okatama where they fish. I slept on my 90 cc Kawasaki motorcycle in the rain on the river bank 20 kilometers from Atsugi.  Dirt tunnel ended in 1 k.m.
These are pictures of my travels posted on this page.  
I will remember all the wonderful Japanese people, who were very kind in the old way; they were everywhere I went.  Times have changed:  People are Westenized. In 2021 I met a PCT hiker from Kofu.  We dined in Crescent and talked.

Those days are gone and people are very different.  However, you and I can be changed and different in a very good way, in fact, by YaHOSHA the Messiah Himself.   How we love Father YaHVaH’s Word!

While in Karuizawa I met American missionaries.  Their friendliness impressed me.  We climbed some hill using ancient chains.  They did not tell me anything about Gospel or the Evangel and it was not until 1975 that I heard the Good News. 
But I am not perfect; I am striving to become perfect, read Matthew 5:48

My mother bought a book  “To the Mountain” by Bradford Smith, copyright 1936 New York at a library.  It is about Kimi-san who loved  Shigeo.  Her parents would not have them marry because of their class.  They travelled to Karuizawa! 
In 1976 John and Yoko toured the mountain city.

Please share your experiences with others on the Blog or Guestbook.  Make private comments in the Email at TsephanYah@YaHVaHYahweh.Name  
I can get back to you.  Arrigato!  Thanks!
Although I was just a secularist while I lived in Japan, I am thankful for the beautiful Honshu in Northern Japan which I was blessed to visit for two and a half years.

The weather and green scenery in Northwest U.S. is almost the same as Honshu.  My little town of 300 people reminds me of Yokokawa which seemed to be such a simple town like America in 1960.  I call the vegetation “Screen saver green”.
I am searching for a Nippon Tomadachi; dozo reply. 
Listen to Tokyo radio 1968-9 on WWW.RadioDiscJockey.homestead.com on the La-Tokyo page and click on FEN files, the Far East Network with Gary Owens.
Stephen Riding fm KamiSeya to Karuizawa 90 km in Nagano Perfecture below.
                        Picture of Mount Asama Volcano on right.
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Railroad Map of Honshu

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Karuizawa Japan  in 1960's
Above Left:  Japanese Hiker, Wilbur, Victor, Two Japanese Hikers, Steve/TsephanYah
Above Right: Victor Perkins from Tennessee & TsephanYah (CT2 Steve) from Oregon

Left: Tsephan.at Manza Onsen
Above Right: Bob Wolf from Cincinnatti

               Train tunnel near Kofu
           Locomotive run by steam - Kisha

         Lower Left:  Three cute school girls
   Lower Right: Japanese Oji-san; Lenny from               New Jersey and  Bob Wolf
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       The author in beautiful Kyu Karuizawa
Below left: Tim Mutschelknaus and the author.
Below:   Steve/TsephanYah, author and announcer
Kofu Rice Fields from train 1968.
Lower Pictures mainly of Hakone National Park.
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