He Gave me, Beauty for Ashes, the oil of joy for mourning
A Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness, 
That we might be, Trees of Righteousness
The Planting of YaHVaH
That He might be magnified (glorified-common word)
Version from Mississippi:
YaHVaH gave me beauty for ashes,
For Sorrow He gave to me joy,
I was sad oppressed,
I exchanged it for REST
And: peace that the World can’t destroy.

  The Best of the Trade
I gave Him a life that was wasted,
For a Temple to dwell-in Yah made.
I’ve got so much than I had before 
I’ve the best of that trade..

Had He charged me the difference in trading
His love I could never afford.
He gave comfort for fear;
He gave me smiles for my tears,
And a river of joy for my grief.

GARMENT OF PRAISE Again, IsaiYah 61:3

Put on a GARMENT OF PRAISE for the spirit of heaviness.
Lift up your voice to YaH.
Praise/Pray in the Spirit, and with understanding,
Oh magnify..YaH-VaHH!
2nd stanza
All you, that mourn in Zion, you have authority
To appoint unto you in Tzion
Oil of joy that will set you free.
3rd stanza
Lift up the hands that hang down, Lift up the voice now still
Give unto YaH continuous praise, sing forth from Tzion’s hill.
Chorus, then:
Sing unto YaH HalleluYah, worship and praise YaHVaH
Praise and Adore Him, Bow down Before Him, Oh1 Magnify YaHVaH. 

Yes, cast off the burden of false religion, the secular Christian media, the treading underfoot the precious Torah of YaHVaH, and let the Fear of YaHVaH be your banner, praise and dance.

I remember years ago, one of my motives for Salvation was “I wanna go ta’ heaven, I don’t wanna’ go ta’ hell”. Or, it’s all about ME!
Some of the world’s churches often want to castigate YaHVaH’s commandments, saying that all they are interested in is a faint relationship with the Almighty.  

Give the old dogma a toss under the bus, and put-on the word of YaHVaH, including His Commandments, statutes and judgments. Fear YaHVaH and keep His Commandments, for this is the whole of man.  
The 1978 tune sung by Dave Mason,
“It ain’t no good guy, it ain’t no bad guy, It’s only you and me, and
We just disagree.” Cease from heated arguments!

Don’t be like the song "Undone"  when Burton Cummins had to sing, “She’s come undone, she’s gone too far, she’s lost the Son, She’s Come Undone.. Too many churches, but not enough TRUTH.” (1969).
Hall and Oates, “She’s Gone over, it’ll be difficult to replace her, She’s Gone..” 
However, Many have decided to fly the peaceful skies. Let us join their anthem for that perfect Shalom that passes all understanding, in YaHOSHA Mashiach.

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