"WHY the V in YaHVaH"

Must we learn Modern Hebrew or even Paleo Hebrew and discard English in Church?
As we point out on this YHVH page bottom, there are about fifty pagan English words to avoid.
​When we write the Father's Name, it cannot be from the corrupt false words and titles. The key is in the TEXT: 7000 times, the Name Y H V H is written or Yod Hey Vav Hey. We ought not to write a substitute such as Adonai nor Lord, titles not even remotely translated to YHVH.

H 430 Elohim Plural, (a title; gods)
H3068 YHVH YAHVAH (Yod Hey Vav Hey) (The Father)
H1961 “To exist; to be.” Ha YaH (The One of YaH) 
H3050 YAH Contracted for H3068, and meaning the same (The Father). The separated Name; Cp. Names ending in iah and jah., occurs 49 times.  
Occurs 2x in Exodus, 43x in Psalms; 4x in IsaiYah

H3091 YaHOSHUA (YaHOSHA) the Messiah (MessiYaH)

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Hey Dalet Hey; "HaVah" is not In His Name.

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        "Why the V in YaHVaH" - How to Spell Father's Name!

YAHVAH OR YAHWEH? [Page 4. approximate]
WHERE DID THE NAME YAHSHUA COME FROM?  Opens in another window.

        It's not a question as to how accurately you pronounce each syllable of our heavenly Father, YAHVAH.  The difficulty is not in articulating His Name but in the spelling of the Name from the Tetragrammaton, "yod-hey-vav-hey".
Exodus 3:14-16 When Moshe asked YHVH His Name, He said “Thou shalt say unto the children of the Hebrews ‘I AM THAT I AM’…YHVH Mighty-One of your fathers.”  Most versions disguise YaHVaH’s Name with title “Lord”.  In “The Scriptures” and in Torah manuscripts you should see the four letters YHVH.   Vs. 16 “Go and gather the Hebrew elders together, and say unto them ‘YHVH of your fathers, the Mighty One of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob appeared unto me..”  The Tetragrammaton in proper Antioch Hebrew scrolls spells YHVH, pronounced YaHVaH (ee-Yah' Vah).

Jeremiah 23:26-27 "How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? ...Which think to CAUSE MY PEOPLE TO FORGET MY NAME...as their fathers have forgotten my name for Ba’al."

Strongs Concordance:  "LORD". #1167 “Lord” (English) for bA'AL; A MASTER; HUSBAND, OWNER, LORD".  #1168 "BA'AL, A PHOENICIAN DEITY".

Baal H1168   ba’al   bah’al
The same as H1167; Baal, a Phoenician deity:—Baal, [plural] Baalim. 

Hoshea 2:16-17 "And it shall be at that day, says YaHVaH, thou shalt call me Ishi (my Husband) and shalt call me no more BAALI (my Lord).  For I will take away the names of Baalim (Lords) out of her mouth and they shall no more be remembered by their name." Baal or Lord was the name of the god of pagan Babylon. See the book  “Come out of Her My People” by  C.J. Koster. Click over to www.ISR-Messianic.org for some teaching.

Zechariah or ZecharYah 14:3-4 "Then shall YaHVaH go forth...and His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives...and YaHVaH our Mighty One shall come, and all the True Believers with Him."
All students of the Word know the One coming back to the Mount of Olives is the Savior; and the Prophet Zechariah called Him by the Name of YHVH (YaHoSHA) commonly referred to as Yeshua, in English Jesus, in Latin Iesus, Hay-seus or other names. “Ho” in YaHOSHA means “announcing”.
YaHVaH constitutes the entire Name of the Creator. And the Name “YaH” is the contracted form.  The name "YaHOSHA*" has the Hebrew word "salvation" for the Son of YaHVaH, Who became The Messiah.

FATHER'S NAME:  YaHH, YHVH, YaHVaH (prounounced: Yah'Vah)
The letters YHVH in Hebrew are "Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey"

Acts 4:12 "...Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we MUST be saved." [Also Joel 2:32]  Joel declared that the name whereby we must receive salvation is “YaHVaH”, truly even in the NEW COVENANT.
Matthew 6:9 "Our Father, which art in heaven, separated be Thy Name."

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, "Repent and be immersed every one of you, in THE NAME of YaHoSHA  ha Mashiach  for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Ruach ha Kadosh".

Exodus 6:3 is one of the four citations in the KJV where in English it prints JEHOVAH. However, the correct Hebrew word is Yod Hey Vav Hey no “J” (Jay). Thus we may pronounce His Name YaH' or YaH’Vah.  
For the Hebrew of "Y" we have always used "Ee-Yah".  If someone wishes to pronounce with a Jay as in JehovaH let YaHVaH judge it. But spelling must not be with a Jay because it is not in the underlying Hebrew text. The first error might begin with using a different pronunciation. The SPELLING is where they make the error- Which leads to the second error of SPELLING His Name wrong, with a J.
(We are not advanced Hebrew scholars.)

In YaHOSHA’s time, there was no English, Latin, letters J or W until 1500's.
Acts 4:12 and ch. 5 you know the Name of the Savior, but what is it?


Certainly, Christians agree that Allah isn't the Creator's Name. “Kristos” is actually the root Greek word for “Christ”.  Let's see if it's legitimate to call Him, CHRIST or KRISTOS: Greek #5547:

JESUS CHRIST: From The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible: "The English form goes back to the Latin (Iesus) which transliterates (not translates) the Greek; but the original form was Joshua, or more fully Yehoshuah." “Ho” means “Salvation of YHVH”.  We hope to show that “Shua” in “Yehoshuah” is incorrect and corrupt.  [See below “Where Did the Name of Yashua Come from?”]
From  "The Word, HalleluYah", by J. David Klopfenstein, House of YaHVaH,  2672N-500E, Kendallville, IN. 46755 USA:
"Scholars know that our Savior wasn't known by the name, "Jesus". The fact that many have come to "accept" the "person" of the Savior while knowing only a name “Jesus” does not make that His actual name.
"He was born a Hebrew as prophesied in IsaiYah 9:6, Micah 5:2 etc.  But "Jesus" is not Hebrew.  It is in fact derived from the Greek name "Iesous" which is found in the Greek...According to the Liddel and Scott Greek Lexicon, "Iesous" is the Ionic masculine form of the name, "Iaso" (the Greek goddess of healing).  See the word, ‘Iaso’.
    “For the name, Iesous to be the same as the Hebrews' YaHoSHA*, it must also have the word salvation, and the name, YaHVaH, in the name.
The Greek word for "Salvation" is "Soterion", #4992 in Strongs Concordance.  The Greek word for "Savior" is Soter #4990 Strongs.
“NEITHER OF THESE WORDS IS IN THE NAME, JESUS OR IESOUS. So the name is not a translated name.  The only alternative is a transliterated name.
"Jesus or Heyseus is used in Mexico. In Jerusalem it was not used since it is not Hebrew.  It can be idolotry to call on strange names for YaHVaH.  IsaiYah 44:8-19 "Is there a G_d like me?They that make a graven image.."

“Incidentally, one of the names of Baal was GOD (pronounced Gad or God and later a German based word).  See Is. 65:11 ‘Gad’ translated ‘troop’, a deeper study". See The Name of the Savior is YaHVaH not Jesus” by J. David Klopfenstein, 2672N-500E, Kendallville, IN 46755.
LORD: Strongs Concordance.  #1167 HEBREW bA'AL; A MASTER; HUSBAND, OWNER, LORD".  #1168 "BA'AL, A PHOENICIAN DEITY".
See it?  LORD means “Ba’al”.
Contrarily, Strongs Concordance says that JeHoVah (YHVH) means “Lord”.  So, the faulty formula is A equals B, but apparently B doesn't equal A.  Ba’al means Lord, but Lord doesn’t mean Ba’al!  It must be one of those "spiritual concepts, a mystery we can't explain" or it's just a plain old lie and custom perpetrated by humans.  Let’s put the title, “Lord” out and YHVH back in.
As a German catechism stated, "May we never use the name Jehovah as Lord?  That is what the Jews do...That is not the meaning of the (1-3rd) commandments.  We may use His Name, but never in vain".
Perhaps Hosea 2:16 is the strongest evidence that Lord equals Baal.  More important is to employ “YaHOSHA” not "Jesus Christ" in addressing Messiah.  Also, when possible, check in other concordances or Berry's Greek Interlinear. The more references you find the better the understanding.  Ha Mashiach" means "The Messiah".

What would it matter, if letters and words don't mean anything?
It makes all the difference in the world, which name we call on, to be saved (Acts 2:38).  Otherwise, we could change any letter we wish.  Just call Him anything, or put in a “J” or any letter we wish! No!  Do we love YaHVaH or not?


Here are just some of nearly thirty witnesses.  These sources give greater evidence that the V as in YaHVaH came before W as in Yahweh.
You might take many hours looking these up. So, if you're interested, see the referenced pages in a good library.  The final proof is in the original documents.  Hebrew letters read from right to left.  Here are a few proofs:

1. Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew Dictionary, by A.S. Waldstein, Copy 1967 by P. Shalom Publishers Inc. page "A": Alphabet.  "Vau=V"...Notice, NO "W" nor a double V.

2. The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Doubleday 1962; See “Tetragrammaton”:
"(Gk. “Four-lettered”) term generally used to designate the...Name (YHVH), traditionally not pronounced by Jews and formerly misread ‘Jehovah’ by Christians.  See also  ‘God, Names of’:”  “YHVH”, (The Tetragrammaton or Shem  ha-Mephorash) was the particular Name of the God of Israel and occurs nearly 7,000 times in the Bible…Yahweh has been conjectured…Other biblical terms include Elyon (“The Most High”), which was the Canaanite appellation for their Supreme deity.”
3. The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Doubleday 1977.  “..Name YHVH”.  See also God, Names of. 

4.  The Universal Jewish Ency., NY 1943; Page 203 "Tetragrammaton":  “Yod, He, Vav, He.”

5.  The Hebrew Study Manual Samuel Bagster;  "The Alphabet" Page 3:
“Vav equals V.”  There is no “W “or double “U”.

6.  The New Jewish Encyclopedia, Behrman House, N.Y.,N.Y. 1962: “Tetragrammaton”.
"Jewish mystics were thought to have known how to pronounce the Tetragrammaton and how to make mysterious use of it.  Christians erroneously pronounce the word, ‘Jehovah’, and MODERN (emphasis, ours) scholarship suggests that its original pronunciation was ‘Yahveh’.”   Note,  there isn’t any "W"!

7.  The 26 Letters, Oscar Ogg; pg 74 &106, "The three missing letters, J, U and W, were not used by the Romans at all.  U and W developed FROM "V" about a thousand years ago, and J developed from the letter "I" about five hundred years ago.”  (Thus, the W came in about 971 A.D.)  Page 74 shows a chart of Hieratic, Phoenician letters, with no W, just a “V”, 1150 B.C..  Page 105 shows a Greek-Latin chart: No “W”, just a “V” at bottom right.
Page 109 is another chart; It includes the “V”!

8.The Lost Languages,  P.E. Cleaton; Page 21: 
"The expansion of V into U and W (double U) and the differentiation of I and J were later developments which took place in the Tenth and Fourteenth centuries, respectively." 

9.Hebrew in Ten Minutes a Day, by Kristine Kershul, M.A., 1992:  This chart includes the “V” but no “W”.
10.The Encyclopedia of Religion,1987, Page 1.  “God in the Hebrew Scriptures”;  “YHVH: This
Tetragrammaton, attested more than 6,600 times…”  Page 218 “Alphabets”:  Under the Hebrew “Vav=V” (Not W). Under the Arabic, “Letter=a comma, Name “waw”. This is evidence of W and later time we may quote a few of the five other references on this W. 

11.The First Hebrew Primer for Adults  1983, Pronunciation Chart “V as in Vine.  “Vav”.  It shows the book print, block and script additionally.

12.The Hebrew Student Manual  “The Alphabet” on page 2.  “Vav=V”.

13. Modern Hebrew, A First-Year Course, by Harry Blumberg, Ph.D, 1963. “The Alphabet”:  This chart shows a “V” no “W”. 

14. The Jewish Word Book, by Sidney J. Jacob, 1982. A compendium of popular Yiddish and Hebrew words and phrases that color our vocabulary.
      “Yahve, (They left out an “H”), YHVH. The equivalent of JehoVah (God).”

15. Hebrew Pictographic Chart by Living Word Pictures, 
“Vav. ‘and’, to add, to secure; nail, peg, V” (No “W”).

16. The Alphabet, Hebrew for All” by Harold Levy available from Assembly of YaHVaH, PO Box 1010, Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960. , pg 18, “Vav, V as in vat”.

17. Letter from Block Publishing Co, “The Jewish Book Concern”, 31 west 31st st New York, N.Y.. to Mr. L. Snow:
“Dear Mr. Snow: With ref. To your inquiry...do not have material explaining the way Sephardic Jews transliterate or pronounce the Hebrew alphabet.  According to our knowledge the ‘Vav” is pronounced as a ‘V’ by Sephardic Jews.  Sincerely Yours, Bloch Publishing Co.”

18.  WWW.AlphabetAndLetter.Com/Hebrew.html Search for J, V and W in the URL
WWW.AlphabetAndLetter.Com/V.html  or  /J.html  or  /W.html.

PROOF OF THE “W" in "YHWH” is from the theory mainly that Hebrew is only vowel sounds.  Another source is “The Holy Bible”, Saint Joseph textbook confraternity version, Copyright 1963.  On the very inside-cover, half-way down in big letters “YAHWEH” with the all-seeing eye: This Kabballistic symbol should cause a Believer to turn-away from it. 
In future articles, we will address the notion of “all vowels and no consonants in Hebrew. The booklet * “Á STUDY OF THE SEPARATED (holy) NAME” by Bill Burton will be examined.  A large part of it is great.  There are few proofs and references in that booklet.  Just these six:
References for "W" in the separated Name are:
"1. The Encyclopedia Judaic Vol 7, pp679;
 2. The New Jewish encyclopedia 1975 Ed pp. 766 under the title 'G_d'
 3. Columbia Encyclopedia Vol. 2 under the subject 'G_d’.
 4. The Grote Winkler Prins Encyclopedia under the title 'JAHWE'. "  Other evidence is given.
 5. "The Interpreters Bible Dictionary" Vol 4, page 923.
 6. Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” in “Separated Name” page 35.
   Evidence for the “W” is also the following: 
  7. “Where did the Name of Jehovah come from?” from the NW Synod of Wisconsin Resource Center. 
Therefore, we have more evidence that the Name YaHVaH, not YahWeh, is correct. The greater weight of evidence shows the letter “V” came first before the "W".

                     IS Father’s Name Spelled YaHoVaH”?
There are only four letters in The Father’s Name; It is spelled Y-H-V-H.  We pronounce YHVH  “YaH, VaH, or YaH(ho or ha) Vah”.  This is the Tetragrammaton. Tetra means “four” - Four letters.  
But  “Ha-Vah” is a corrupted word.  No one spells YaHoVaH with those letters nor that word "Ha-Vah" in Hebrew which is “Hey, Dalet, Hey”.
The letters in “Ha-Vah” are “Hey, Dalet, Hey”.  Now to the Concordance:
הוה    Strong's No: 1942 Ha-Vah - Spelled Hey, Dalet, Hey
Transliterated: havvah;  Pronounced:  freq. in the AV— vaw' from 1933 Trans. & freq. in the AV— calamity 4 times, wickedness 3 times, perverse thing 1 time, mischief 1 time, noisome 1 time, iniquity 1 time, substance 1 time, naughtiness 1 time, naughty 1 time, mischievous 1 time; 16 occurrences of Hebrew word in AV
1. desire
a. desire (in bad sense)
2. chasm (fig. of destruction)
a. engulfing ruin, destruction, calamity

We do not spell the Father’s Name YaHAVaH, but Y-H-V-H spoken YaHVaH.

Scriptures quoted are from The Scriptures and the KJV King James Version.  We appreciate the assistance of Dr. C.N. Turrell for his having furnished the dictionary references to authenticate that YaHVaH with the “V” is the proper spelling.
This document “Why the V in YaHVaH” was originally written in English © 2006.  Please e-mail comments to TsephanYah@YaHVaHYahweh.name.  Allow a few weeks for a response.
In YaHVaH's Name, we pray that this article about the true Name will bless us by the Ruach HaKadosh of the Savior. May He open our hearts to what His Word, and not man’s, has to say. We need His Word and not necessarily my opinion.  My opinion is that I believe The Scriptures are all true!  We do not have the liberty to change words or letters from original Hebrew source.

           formerly "THE FINAL REFORMATION"

Originally YHVH was used for the Creator, YaHoSHA or YaHVaHOSHA for the Messiah. The substitute title, “Lord” began to replace the Name.  There are over 300 witnesses or references that we should not use 30 words.  We do not have to re-write the English language or to avoid it.  Remember 300 witnesses, JUST THIRTY CORRUPT WORDS to replace our vocabulary with acceptable ones.
Here are some references from the book, “Come Out of Her My People” by C.J. Koster to disprove the use of substitute Names for YHVH:

Zeus, A Study of Ancient Religion Volume One page 178 by Dr. A.B. Cook 
Worterbuch der Antike “Jesus” by Bux and Schone
Philologische Wochenschrift No. 25 6-21-1930 by Hans Lamer
The Divine Name in Exodus 3:14, J.B.L. vol. 24 page 144 by Arnold
Larousse Encyclopaedia of Mythology pg. 186
Dictionionary of Mythology Folklore and Symbols under Iasion by G. Jobes
Room’s Classical Dictionary p. 168 by A. Room
Worterbuch der Mythologie pg. 283 by J.A.W Vollmer
Isis in the Graeco-Roman World p. 279 by Dr. R.E. Witt
A History of Religious Ideas vol. 2 p. 146 Mircea Eliade
Realencyclopaedie vol. 6 pp. 694-695  Pauly-Wissowa
Worterbuch der Symbolik p. 148 under “Isis” Prof. Jan Assmann
The Concise Oxford Dictionary, under ‘IHS”
Websters Third New International Dictionary under “IHS”
World Book Encyclopedia under HIS
Antike und Christiantum vol. 6 pp. 152-6 by F.J. Dolger
Dictionary of Mythology Folklore and Symbols under IHS by G. Jobes
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop
Hebrew and Christian Records vol. ii p.86 by Giles
Science and Religion pg. 48 Quoted by Draper
Einleitung in die Drei Ersten Evangelien P. 113 by J. Wellhausen
Dictionary of Christian Antiquities p.355 Dr. W. Smith and Prof. Cheetham
Encyclopedia of Religions vol.1 p. 428 by J.G.R. Forlong
Encyclopedia Biblica vol. 1 p. 752 by Cheyne

Those are only twenty-four references (and many more) to authenticate and prove that “Jesus” and “Christ” are not of sound origins.  We have shown and believe that the original spelling of the Savior Messiah Name is YaHOSHA.  YaHVaH is the Tetragrammaton Name of your heavenly Father.  
“HO” as in YaHVaHosha is announcing (salvation).  
“Sha” suffix means “Savior” or having salvation. YAHSHA #H3442.  YHVH is H 3068.  H stands for Hebrew; G is for the Greek.

There are over 293 references in the book, Come Out of Her My People or The Final Reformation by C.J. Koster to prove that we are NOT to use a substitute for The Messiah’s Name.  
Click http://www.torahzone.net/search.php?mode =search&page=1 only $12 (USA 2013).  “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE is essential for any believer who has a sincere desire for Truth. It is of utmost importance to every believer who wishes to return to the pure, unadulterated faith once delivered to the set-apart ones who practiced the teachings of the Messiah.”
Of course, so many of us are so accustomed to using and saying the name of "Jesus" not realizing that both Jesus and Christ are corrupt names, handed down in the earliest of the dark ages by Constantine and his followers. People are emotional about it, and hate to be proven wrong.  That is the enemy of pride.  Put it away and open your hearts and minds.” Come out of her My people little flock!”
Famous Christian leaders and large Churches have unfortunately used these substitute Names and approximately fifty corrupted religious words for almost two-thousand years.  Why should we change now?  For me and my house, we will stand-up for the true Name of YaHVaH.
Now that YaHVaH has allowed learning his true Name, we must cherish, love, proclaim and esteem that most precious Name, YaHVaHOSHA.  Thanks for your attention to this Names document.

     To rectify corrupted Hebrew, Greek or English.
                   MP3 Download:  "Pagan Words Corrected"   20 1/2 minutes
The statement is made, “The people of YaHVaH in old times used the (pagan) English words before they became pagan. They used “god, holy etc..”  Wrong!  They were Hebrews so why would they need Babylonian, Caananite, English and Greek words from the Nations?  English did not exist.  The Chosen Ones had their own pure language.  Where would this false preposition end? 
“Any common swear word was first a separated Hebraic word?”  Preposterous!  There is no connection between pagan words and true Hebrew. They did not use “Easter, holy or glory”.

This is a short list of the pagan common words we used in services, followed by possible corrections.  For authentication, we have 300 references to document that the use of these thirty pagan words is a mistake.  
These are found in the book “Come Out of Her My People” by C.J. Koster. 
Do not say, “Why even try?”  
The corrupted word is listed first, followed by the correction or possible substitute.

“ADONAI” Substituted in Hebrew for YaHVaH (Y-H-V-H). Used seperately if found in the text. A proper alternate is MASTER, YAHVAH, and SOVEREIGN.  Please see the referenced book, “Come Out” which is based on hundreds of proofs. Greek ADONIS; Phoenician Adoni: Sun dieties.
There is no good excuse for substituting YaHVaH's Name with anything.
Look up Hosea 2:16-17 and research the titles “Baal and Lord”.

AMEN or Hebrew “AMEIN” are corrupt according to some references. Egyptian mythology, “the elohim (sun god) of life” as “Amen-Ra, Amen the Sun”. We might say, “So be it” or “surely” as a correction. Strongs #H 543; G #281.

BIBLE; Source: Phoenician, Egyptian as “Biblios” CORRECTION: 
The Scriptures, The Book, the Word, The Inspired Word of YaHOSHA, Sweet Spices; and in the Torah, the Law-Word. 

CHARITY: See GRACE.  Source: “Charis” Greek female deity.  The three daughters of Helios, the sun-diety.  See “Come out of Her My People”
CORRECTIONS:  Hebrew “Chen” (ken), favor, unmerited favor, gratitude, love.

CHRIST from Kristos: “Osiris the Sun deity was called Chrestos.”  “..the god Christos replaced the correct Hebrew word “Mashiach” (Anointed);  the word Christos was far more acceptable to the unbelievers who were worshipping Krista and Krisna from India.  See  Daniyl. 9:25 and 26.”
Hebrew corrections: Mashiach,   YaHOSHA; ha Mashiach; YaHVaHOSHA, two Names from the Concordance: "YaHVaH" and "Hosha".
English:  The Anointed, Son of YaHVaH; Creator, Husband, The Eternal, Messiah, Savior, The Supreme One. 

Church: Anglo-Saxon root Circe, daughter of Helios, the Sun-deity; Related to circus. See Charity above.  Corrections:  Ekklesia, assembly, congregation,  Assembly, service, convocation (a gathering together).

Cross:  The mystic Tau. Correction: Calvary, Stake, torture-stake, tree. “Stauros" (Greek), an upright stake.

Crucify:  Substitute: (verb) Impale; to affix to a stake.

Months, Days of Week: Pagan elohim and goddesses...use numbers (such as "1" for Sunday; 1st month instead of January etc..  I use “First, second, third and so on.

DEITY= Greek Theos, “Running of the sun”. A substitute for the Name, YaHVaH.  Deuteronomy4:2; 12:4. Corrections: Spiritual, Supernatural, Mighty One, YaHVaH-like.

DIVINE: Sky-deity.  Diviana and Diana were the feminine Moon goddess. Correction: Mighty-Like. Great, Omnipotent, Sublime.

EASTER: Source: Ashtorath: H6253 Phoenician, Sidonean sex goddess;
1 Kings 11:5, 33; JeremiYah 7:18, 44:17.  Eostre, the Teutonic dawn goddess.
Use: Resurrection-Day-of-Month Aviv 17; Not day-of-week as “Sunday”. If you died on Sunday, would they remember you on Sunday or on the date of death?
In Acts 12:4 Greek is "Passha", not "Easter" Judges 2:13; 1 Sam 7:3; 12:10

EL/ELOHIM:  Mighty-One. See "God". EL is Caananite, female fertility goddess.
Alternate: YaHVaH, Mighty One, The Eternal, The Most High;
FATHER and ABBA FATHER; YAH; possibly YaHVaH; Majesty, Power.

GLORY:  Gloria, a Roman unclad goddess G. Jobes “Dictionary of Mythology Folklore”; Pauly-Wissowa says “A personification of fame”.
ALTERNATES: Beauty, Esteem, Dignity, Distinguishable, Elegance, Eminence, Exalt, Honor, Lovely, Magnificent, Majestic, Noble, Power, Praise, Repute, Splendor, or Hebrew kabad.

GLORIOUS: See Glory.  Instead, use splendid, beautiful, magnificent etc..
Alternates: Distinguished, esteemed, Grand, High, Lofty, Magnificent, Majestic, Noble, Powerful, Royal, Sublime, Splendid, Sublime, Supreme, and Wonderful,

GOD:  Gad, Gawd, the Teutonic Sun-deity; good-luck – ref. Alexander Hislop. IsaiYah 65:11
Okay to use "God" OR ELOHIM if referring to an idol or agent.

GODLY:  Correction:  YaHVaH-like, Mighty-like

GRACE:  Charis, the wife of Hephaistos, the fire-deity.  Charities (plural) “Three charities or Graces, female deities, either stark naked or else very scantily dressed, being the three daughters of Helios, the Greek Sun-deity.
Hebrew chen^ (ken), clemency, compassion, cordial, favor, his ways, gift, affection, benefits, kindness, love, having “power in the blood of Messiah”; pulchritude, smooth, virtue.  “YaHVaH’s riches at Messiah’s expense.”

GRACEFULLY: ALTERNATES:  Dignified, elegantly, skillfully, smoothly.


HOLY: Origin: “From the divinely honored sun.”  “Holi, The Great Hindu spring festival held in honour of Krishna”.***  If we love YaHVaH, we will call Him "the Spirit of separation" and not "the spirit of the Sun”? Holy is a corrupted word. But we have used it for a thousand years so not try to change? Why Not!
Hebrew: QODESH for people or things; QODOSH for YaHVaH – 
In English: SEPARATED or PURE. 

HOLY SPIRIT: CORRECTION:  Ruach ha Kadosh OR "Spirit Of Separation"
JEHOVA: Correction; YAH, YAHVAH, YaHVaHOSHA. Jehova and JaHoVaH is not pagan but there is no J in Hebrew.  Discernment fellowshipping with them.

JESUS: Iesous, possibly from the name of a GREEK (Correction) healing goddess Ieso or Iaso. See the web pages about Jesus, Yashua and YaHOSHA.

LORD: Similar to Lordos, Lar, Larth, Loride.  In Strong’s Concordance, “Ba’al”.

LUCK:  Luk, a spiritistic medium, sun-deity; Lucifer, light-bringer (bearer)
CORRECTIONS: A blessing.  (not Fortunate or Fortune); Success or successful.

MASTER:  (SEE LORD), Husband, Maker, Mister.

MARY= MIRIAM. Mary not pagan to our knowledge, but Miriam is Hebraic.

SACRIFICE:  From Sakra, 12 forms of sun-dieties.
Correction:  (Noun): Hebrew zebach, offering or slaughter offering. 
(Verb) Hebrew zabach; expend, kill, offer, slay, slaying.

SACRAMENT: See “Sacred”.  Correct this possibly with “religious ceremony”.

SACRED: Hebrew kodesh; probably Kodosh if concerning Our King Or Creator. Use a “q or k”.

SANCTIFIED:  Sanctus, pagan deity, identified with Jupiter and Apollo.
Correction:  SET-APART, MADE PURE. Hebrew qodesh; Greek hagios.

SANCTUARY:  Hebrew mikkedash', tabernacle, temple, synagogue.

TESTAMENT:  COVENANT is a better term.

THEOS:  “Running of the Sun” Greek; A substitute for the Name, YaHVaH.   MIGHTY ONE, SELF-EXISTANT ONE ETC.  Substituting the Name of YaHVaH is breaking the Third commandment:  bringing His Name to naught.

YAHWEH/YHWH or YAHVAH/YHVH. See our article “Why the V, not W, in YaHVaH”.  ("V" in YHVH is correct!  The Romans added a "W" to the alphabets.)  We might fellowship with YaHWeH believers, with discretion.

*KEY: Corrupted Word listed first. Next, Hebrew or English correction follows.
***Please see Come Out of Her My People for hundreds of references including G. Jobes, Dictionary of Mythology Folklore and symbols, page 781.
Is it too hard to change thirty words in your vocabulary?  DO WE LOVE ERROR, OR YAHVAH, THE WORD, THE TRUTH AND THE WAY?  Let us respect the Word, The Scriptures and those qualified who attempt to teach it correctly.

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