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This is "Meat in due season".
Our Savior said to live by EVERY Word which proceeds out of His mouth, Luke 4:4.  
Spread His Word.  Let's weigh the anchor and head for Higher Ground.
Please EMail us.  TsephanYah@YaHVaHYahweh.Name May YaHVaH bless you!  Brother Bill is just TOO STRONG for believers today! But I put the programs on anyway.

Our speaker Bill Houston, was the leader of our congregation in the 1980’s at Winston, Oregon.
We produced Higher Ground with Bill Houston.  It ran on radio and shortwave in 1987 to 1989.

Listen especially to “Three nights and Three days - The Sign Spoken Against" by Pastor Bill.

Brother Houston CAN preach with authority and is very professional.  I can teach the truth but I cannot always preach.  These days there are very few  “preachers”.

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Note: On the "HEALING of AMERICA" Do not call that telephone number or send letters to that old address, these are very old programs.

BIOGRAPHY:  "Bill Houston" written by TsephanYah 

Elder Bill Houston pastored in Hope, British Columbia, Olivehurst, California, Myrtle Creek and Winston-Roseburg Oregon amongst other places.  This is in my limited knowledge of the Elder Bill.
These Higher Ground radio programs initially aired on Oregon Christian Radio and WWCR Shortwave radio in the late 1980’s.

Bill and his wife had four children, Carl, Faith, Hope and Charity.  Faith's son is JosiYah.  Welcome to Josiah Black, Carl and all of the Houston family.

Permission to post these programs on WWW.YAHVAHYahweh.com is given by 
Elder Bill Houston in 1988, Winston, Oregon.
My website disclaimer:
No one knows it all.
Enter at your own risk. Be on guard. YOU are responsible for what you consume.

These website links may contain other doctrines.  We cannot fully endorse everything they present.  This is the only disclaimer I can provide.   However, if we do not use the original speaker and his style we might miss out on teaching which no one else has.  But I think no one else can say it as well as  Mr. Houston.

Here is what the original radio script said in the HIGHER GROUND INTRO (changing from G_d etc):
Music: "Higher Ground"
Shalom, and Hallel YaHVaH! Welcome to the Higher Ground radio Revival, an Inspirational, in-depth study of YaHVaH's Word.  Before we get into today's program, let's listen to a great song of praise.
Higher Ground Song, then:
We sincerely hope you were blessed by that song. It is time for Higher Ground with Bill Houston.  
Now, please open your Scriptures and move-up to Higher Ground with a study that is "Meat in Due Season".  Here is Pastor Bill Houston.

Program Extro:
"Thank you for listening to that inspirational meat-in-due-season message.  This has been Higher Ground revival, featuring Evangelist Bill G. Houston and the Word of YaHVaH.  Encouraging the Body of Messiah and people everywhere to seek for higher heights and deeper depths in the love of YaHVaH and His Word.  We welcome your comments." Then  some (outdated) addresses, such as: [River of Life Fellowship. PO Box 778 Vernon BC Canada, B 1T 6M7.] 
We are a non-profit organization of Commandment- keeping, spirit-filled believers.  
"May our heavenly Father, YaHVaH and His Son, YaHosha ha Mashiach bless you and keep you until the second coming of the Messiah in the Clouds of Esteem.  Let- us press-on, to Higher Ground!"
(Music Extro 'Higher Ground") 25 seconds
RADIO:  Surf for Hebrew Nation, Salem Oregon.  Our disclaimer is above.


IF MY PEOPLE by Brother C.N. Turrell.  He is Pentecostal YaHVaH-Names and Name of Messiah YaHVaH Hosha.  He is a shouter, but good.
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Let's Move-Up to   Higher Ground!

Intro:   by TsephanYah Eber Length: 25 Min
​**means Strong or 
*** Very Strong
Higher Ground - HRM Leaven of Sin #2 with TsephanYah 1 Hr 3 m

** DAYS OF DECEIPT 27 Minutes

ASK, SEEK & KNOCK   26 Min
(Does not use separated Name. When you hear a "common name" mentally change it to the proper Name, such as 'YaHVaH')

** Living in the Light of the End
    Length:     23 minutes

Blow the Trumpet in Zion   25 min

** A Call to Repentance 26 min

Fallen away Pentecostals Do not be amongst the new wave. "Rah Rah Rah" doesn't get it! 27"

The Fractured Family    28 min

**IsaiYah Speak to America  25" 

The Healing of America      31 min
Myths that Destroy America  24 m

A Nation Adrift    27 min

A Nation Reborn       25 min


*Relationship to Sin*  23 min

A Sense of Urgency 25 min
The Sign Spoken Against   25 min

Where Do You Stand?    25 min

All are MP3 unless otherwise note

Below in the Pastor's office are
Pastor Houston and Penny Eber 1988. She was secretary and a good Right to Life counselor in 1980's. Penny passed on in 2011.
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