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Friend & Wife

by TsephanYah Eber on 05/11/13

TsephanYah found a beautiful young woman (my age) and she loves Father and His Son.  We are keeping Torah, by the Spirit.  We were wedded in a wonderful ceremony with our immediate friends.

We Love our heavenly Father, romance, music, culture, creation, some travel and life. We live in a town of 200 people on the river; the views are awesome. The Ebers are grateful for all of life, living in a free country.
Sincere friendship is most important.
Most passionate about knowing the Savior Most High and His second coming.
Thank you for praying.  We made the best decision, the timing of marriage, and all things ready.  The Bridegroom was waiting.

We shall be fellowshipping at a Washington camp for Sukkot. Speakers are inspiring; they read the Word, and they stick to it. We live and work together.  We worship the King of Kings.
If unable to attend and you are in remote or an Urban area feeling trapped, take the Scriptures, a picnic basket and get your tzi-tzis on a bus, train, taxi or bike to the end of the line.  Sit, read the word, enjoy the food, invite friends.  Keep their minds on the subject matter of past or present Scriptures and the New Jerusalem soon to come.
Hobbies: Hiking, downhill-snow skiing; spiritual and Big-band music, Classical,  and oldies music, accordian playing; going out to eat, camping, travel and especially attending to spiritual things. Jean and I will be looking for new friends as we hear from you, and as we go-up to keep the Feasts. Email contact please look for TsephanYah  at YahvahYahweh.Name, push Email on homepage. Thank you, TsephanYah

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1. HezekiYah by TsephanYah said on 1/12/16 - 03:44PM
Hebrews Translation Romans 14 Eating Meat vs. Vegetarianism. Some contend that it is wrong to eat ANY kind of animal. Let not them despise those who do not eat any kind of meat, or those who eat all kosher meats. See Romans 14:15 "...Do not destroy a relationship with one whom the Messiah died for, over whether one should include meat in their diet or eat only plants. Do not let your good be spoken of as evil. For the kingdom of YaHVaH is not about "eating and drinking" A wonderful marriage for TsephanYah and Jean. Praise YaHVaH!

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