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Foods for Believers  -                      57 min

What to look for in buying foods.  This does not address every item in the home or tent, such as soap, shampoo, paper towels, make-up and lipstick or everything that a person puts on his or her body or eats or drinks.

Foods Clean Unclean A  2010    50 min

Foods Clean B2010            50 min

Foods Clean C Watch Out For                   50 min

FASTING (English) webpage
FASTING (Francais)

What is the True Gospel ? (Evangel)  In this broadcast, we will hear what it is not, and what it is.
Please come back later.  I hope to put an outline here.  Shalom, TsephanYah  Thanks for Joining Us.
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Leaders Helping Leaders             19 min
  (Skip Ahead of Health-part if necessary.)

Romans 14 - Vegetarian or Meat Analogy-   Pastors, Please share this Link with others.